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Pretty much what the title suggests. Something I did in between commissions.

I’d been thinking of doing something like this for a little while after becoming aware of the ice bucket challenge that’s going around to raise awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). I’m usually never one to follow a fad, but this one I can get behind because it’s not just something people do because it’s cool (no pun intended), but because it’s for a good cause. And I figured Rayman and Globox would be just the right dudes to do the challenge, since I’m unfortunately not much in a position to do it myself. At the very least, this should help spread awareness and encourage others to donate to the cause if they can.


Hello again! With this summer officially over, half of our crew returned from long holidays to everyday learning routines. On the one hand we now have universities taking a chunk of our free time, but on the other hand regular work keeps you much more disciplined, so I can’t really say whether it’s good or bad for our development. I’m still obliged to keep you at least a little entertained, so here’s a new piece of lore – this time on two characters at once.


Raycord and Eris

Some people may find it’s strange that those two completely different characters (at least anatomically speaking) share one piece of text, even though both deserve their individual post. However, their differences are actually the main reason for comparing them. Raycord was brought up by Lauren, and Eris was raised by D personally. Tired of order, Raycord went to Chaos Academy, while Eris enrolled into Harmony Academy (where it is much more fun to just mess around). Raycord achieves his goals with help of cunning plans, but Eris relies only on improvisation. Finally, Eris is generally kind and just a bit naughty (if you don’t make her angry on purpose), while Raycord ruins almost everything in his sight and is fond of humiliating ponies.

In their childhood Eris and Raycord were BFF, but it seems that “forever” part didn’t last very long, as life brought them more and more apart with every passing year. Will they restore their old friendship? Or will they continue to see each other only as rivals, trying to prove who’s the very best? One thing can be said for sure – if those two meet, the Chaos is guaranteed!


Okay, now it’s time for this week’s question, which is about D – the hero of our previous spotlight. First of all, to clear things up – D is going to be the only character, who will be able to put together something more complex than just “bla” and “blah”. As the only one with consistent speech and also our narrator, he obviously needs some interesting and funny lines. One of our ideas considering his style was to give him rhyming, just as we did in our teaser. What do you think about it? Would you like to see D rhyming each and every line like Zecora? Or you prefer short but spot-on prose? Or maybe it will be better to mix those two, giving you some lyrics during cut scenes and non-rhymed comments from D as you fight your way through the levels? Let us know in “comment box” and see you next week!

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